Friday, September 25, 2015

Let's talk about dining rooms!

Hey Friends!  Lets talk about dining rooms today.  These spaces are often neglected, I know mine has been since we moved in.  For my family this is the room we only spend time in over the dinner hour.  We take our food to the table, we eat, and we get up.  So when I came across this Pin on Pinterest it immediately had me inspired to decorate this space!  This article was originally written by Jordan from  (please visit her blog, her style and ideas are amazing)   This is an older Pin but the styles she shows are classic and timeless. 
I love to decorate and re-decorate my home! I love to make beautiful spaces for my family to live in. I also have a passion for crafting and creating new things. 
I do this blog in hopes to inspire you to make something beautiful for your Home and Family.

After flipping through these I hope you are as inspired as I was to make any of your neglected spaces pretty.

 Here are just a few of my favorites from the list:
This space is light and bright!  I love the simple table scape and the amazing beaded chandelier.

This eat-in kitchen/dining area is B-E-A-utiful!  I absolutely love the table and the tile on the floor.  It's just an added bonus that it opens to an outdoor space, which I'm sure, is just as beautiful!

There are no words to describe my love for this dining space.  It is incredibly feminine, soft and luxurious.  The chandeliers make this space perfect!

This dining space is very open and airy.  It's clean and minimal.  The farm table brings that rustic country look and there is enough room to seat everyone.  The more the merrier!

AHH... this table it fantastic!  I love the rustic look and the color is right up my alley!  I love that the chandelier does not compete with anything else in the room.  Everything is beautiful on its own and nothing is over-done.  

Pure elegance!  This farm table is perfect with the upholstered chairs.  It looks so warm and inviting.  The orange tulips add the perfect pop of color too!

Jordan from added this one and so I had to also.  It's not a dining room but you could eat here!  I love how soft and bright this looks.  The pillows are mismatched but the colors go beautifully together.  And the coffee table made from old doors gives it a really rustic, country look.

Please spend some time checking out everything on her site.  Trust me you will love it!

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